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Welcome  to  the  congress  of  the
Association of European Ocularists
Thursday 5  &  Friday 6  September  2013

We hereby cordially invite you to the Congress of the Association of European Ocularists which will take place in Wiesbaden, Germany 5 - 6 September 2013.

The aim of the Congress of the Association of European Ocularists is exchanging information between ocularists in the broadest sense of the word. Everyone working in the field, either directly or indirectly, is welcome to this two-day meeting.

The theme of this years congress will be "All an Ocularist can offer" and will focus on the Ocularists role and how an Ocularist can help the patients in different ways.
The official language during the congress will be English.

On this web site you will find information about the program, registration, accommodation, what to see in Wiesbaden and more related to this 8th congress of European Ocularists.

This site will continuously be updated, so please stay tuned.

Jan Müller-Uri, German Ocularist
Organizer AEO Congress 2013


The AEO is a non-profit organization.